We are former CEOs, unicorn founders, serial entrepreneurs and company-builders, bringing deep domain expertise in cybersecurity, AI, fintech, and digital health.

We are passionate about solving complex challenges and are driven by challenging conventional wisdom.

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Guy Tish

Co-founder & CTO, Briya

David Lazerson

Co-founder & CEO, Briya

Zohar Einy

Co-founder & CEO, Port

Yonatan Boguslavski

Co-founder & CTO, Port

Jonathan Meler

Co-Founder & CPO, Nagomi

Shai Mendel

CTO and Co-Founder, Nagomi

Emanuel Salmona

CEO and Co-Founder, Nagomi

Niv Yaar

CBO & Co-Founder, Panax

Sefi Itzkovich

CTO & Co-Founder, Panax

Noam Mills

CEO & Co-Founder, Panax

Bob Blakley

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer , Mimic

Derek Smith

Co-Founder and CEO, Mimic

Sagi Polani

Co-founder & CPO, Fijoya

Baruch Levy

Co-founder & CEO, Fijoya

Noam Izhaki

Co-founder & CEO, Ballerine

Alon Peretz

Co-founder & CTO, Ballerine

Nitzan Guy

Co-founder & CPO, Ballerine

Ofir Brukner

Co-Founder and VP Product, Gem

Ron Konigsberg

Co-Founder and CTO, Gem

Arie Zilberstein

Co-Founder & CEO, Gem

Ido Karavany

Co-Founder & CTO, Wisor

Eiran Bolless

Co-Founder & VP of Data & Analytics, Wisor

Raz Ronen

Co-Founder & CEO, Wisor

Ben Borodach

Co-founder & CEO, April

Daniel Marcous

Co-founder and CTO, April

Oded Hareven

CEO & Co-Founder, Akeyless

Refael Angel

CTO & Co-Founder, Akeyless

Shai Onn

President & Co-Founder, Akeyless

Galina Antova

Co-Founder & CBDO, Claroty

Yaniv Vardi

CEO, Claroty

Benny Porat

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Yehuda Naveh

Co-founder, CTO, Classiq

Amir Naveh

Co-founder and Head of Algorithms, Classiq

Nir Minerbi

Co-founder and CEO, Classiq

Dan Yadlin

Co-Founder and CTO, Curv

Itay Malinger

Co-Founder and CEO, Curv

Doron Lehmann

VP Engineering, Ionix

Ido Samson

CRO, Ionix

Fara Hain

CMO, Ionix

Marc Gaffan

CEO, Ionix

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter

Co-Founder & CTO, IONIX

Ori Engelberg

Co-Founder, Chief Engineer & VP R&D, IONIX

Ran Nahmias

Co-Founder, IONIX

Ido Azran

Co-Founder & VP R&D , Dig Security

Dan Benjamin

Co-Founder & CEO, Dig Security

Gad Akuka

CTO and Co-Founder, Dig Security

Dr. Alon Kaufman

Co-Founder & CEO, Duality

Rina Shainski

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman, Duality

Dr. Kurt Rohloff

Co-Founder & CTO, Duality

Yizhar Gilboa

Co-Founder & CTO, Finout

Asaf Liveanu

Co-Founder & CPO, Finout

Roi Ravhon

Co-Founder & CEO, Finout

Lior Yogev

CEO & Co-founder, FundGuard

Yaniv Zecharya

CTO & Co-founder, FundGuard

Uri Katz

VP R&D and Co-founder, FundGuard

Cem Kent

Co-founder & CEO, Harmonya

Dima Machlin

Co-Founder & Head of Product , Harmonya

Ran Etzion

Co-Founder & Head of Product , Harmonya

Tal Zamir

Founder, CTO & Board Member, Hysolate

Ofer Israeli

CEO & Founder, Illusive Networks

Doron Passov

Co-Founder & CPO, IVIX

Matan Fattal

Co-founder & CEO, IVIX

Itamar Kunik

CEO & Co-Founder, Monogoto

Maor Efrati

CTO​ & Co-Founder, Monogoto

Oren Raboy

Co-Founder & CTO, Noogata

Igor Zaks, CFA

Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer, 40Seas

Suki Gao

Co-Founder & GM , 40Seas China

Gil Shiff

Co-Founder & COO, 40Seas

Eyal Moldovan

Co-Founder & CEO, 40Seas

Lior Arzi

Co-Founder & CPO, OX Security

Neatsun Ziv

Co-Founder & CEO, OX Security

Elad Tsur

Co-Founder & CEO, Planck

Amir Cohen

Co-Founder & CTO, Planck

David Schapiro

Co-Founder, Planck

Ran Ilany

Co-Founder & CEO, Portshift

Zohar Kaufman

Co-Founder & VP R&D, Portshift

Asaf Lifshitz

Co-founder & CEO, Sayata

Avishay Maya

Co-founder & CTO, Sayata

Iddan Golomb

Co-founder & CPO, Sayata

Majed Itani

Co-Founder & CTO, SetSail

Jen Hsin

Co-Founder & Head of Data Science, SetSail

Haggai Levi

Co-Founder & CEO, SetSail

Dr. Bert Lui

Co-Founder & CPO, SetSail

Shawn Melamed

CEO and Co-Founder, Spiral

Roma Bronstein

Co-founder & CTO, Spott

Amit Batzir

Co-founder & CEO, Spott

Ram Elboim

CEO, Sygnia

Ohad Bobrov

Co-founder & CTO, Talon

Ofer Ben-Noon

Co-founder & CEO, Talon