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Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace. Hyperconnectivity, cloud computing, AI and increased collaboration all bring transformative progress to a business. But with these advances come increased threats as attackers, attracted by the expanded attack surface, continue to get smarter and more creative. To stay relevant, enterprises need to adapt. To adapt, they need to innovate.

Building an enabling digital infrastructure that supports enduring and continuous digital transformation is critical. This includes: a strong cybersecurity posture, a commitment to privacy and digital trust, and robust data and AI capabilities.

These are Team8 Enterprise’s core focus areas and what we believe will allow enterprises to integrate new technologies in a secure, productive and effective way.


Strong cybersecurity is a competitive advantage. Leveraging our unique understanding of the attacker perspective, we build technologies that enable enterprises to build resilience in the face of the evolving threat landscape and pursue digital transformation initiatives that may have presented too strong a risk in the past.

Privacy & Digital Trust

The issue of privacy and trust continues to grow in significance. The ability to secure and guarantee the integrity of data and insights is key to any enterprise data strategy. This is not simply a matter of compliance, but a firm consumer expectation.

Data & AI Infrastructure

The most valuable enterprises are those with access to the largest data troves — leveraging both their own data and their ability to collaborate with partners and customers to drive decision-making. Infrastructure that enables flexible and friction-less collaboration will allow enterprises to evolve with constantly changing technology.


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