Shawn Melamed

CEO and Co-Founder, Spiral

Shawn is a serial FinTech entrepreneur and banking executive with a track record of building innovative businesses.

Prior to co-founding Spiral, Shawn led Morgan Stanley Technology Business Development and Innovation Offices. The Technology Business Development group was responsible for identifying and partnering with both the world’s largest and also the most innovative tech companies running the gamut from a fortune 100 or an emerging startup. Over the years Shawn has worked with hundreds of tech companies across any sector: FinTech, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Data, AI, Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. The relationships included large-scale partnerships and implementations within Morgan Stanley and involvement in IPO positioning and M&A processes.

In the 10 years prior to joining Morgan Stanley Shawn built and managed two technology start-ups. The first company was Correlix, a FinTech start-up that he co-founded in 2005, providing transaction monitoring solutions for the electronic trading market. Correlix has managed to become one of the leaders in the space and its customer base included the leading stock exchanges, investment banks and buy-side firms. Since the first year of sales in 2008, the company has consistently grown its top-line in the high double digits year over year.

The second company was StrikeNET was one of the first companies to launch a commercially available long-haul microwave network for the transmission of ultra-low latency market data and trades. Shawn led the M&A process for the sale of StrikeNET to TMX Group in 2014.