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Navigating the AI Revolution: How to Make AI “Enterprise Ready”

As enterprises race to leverage AI for competitive advantage, the complexity and scope of associated risks continue to grow. Anticipating and preparing for these risks is crucial for any organization aiming to harness the full potential of AI technologies. To provide much-needed guidance in this transformation, we published “The Road to Enterprise-Ready AI”, a comprehensive…

The Future of Care at Home and Digital Health: 8 Takeaways from Team8’s Fireside Chat with Best Buy Health

The American healthcare system is facing multiple challenges – rising costs, increasing demand, and difficulty maintaining care quality. At Team8, we believe that technology has the potential to reverse these trends and transform healthcare for the better. Digital transformation is at the heart of promising new care delivery and payment models, from employer-sponsored health plans…

Mobile-First Taxpayers Jump at april’s AI-Powered Tax Filing Tool in 2024

april, the AI-powered tax platform and Team8 portfolio company, has revolutionized tax filing by translating the 70,000+ page tax code into a user-friendly, mobile-first experience. This year, april partnerships with over 20 financial brands, including popular payroll, neobanking, and investment apps, to make the tax season a lot more pleasant for Americans. And the response was overwhelmingly positive, with 98% of users filing on a phone or tablet.
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2024 Data Infrastructure Market Map: Navigating the Changing Data Infrastructure Landscape

Team8 is pleased to release our Data Infrastructure Market Map for 2024, our first annual update to the inaugural Data Map released in 2023. We are also excited to unveil our new AI Landscape Map, which we will introduce in more detail below. In this article, we’ll detail the major changes to the maps including categories that have consolidated or emerged to address problems in a new way.

Team8’s Investment in Panax: Empowering the CFO with next-gen treasury automation

In today’s fast-paced business world, accurate information is key. Yet, many CFO organizations struggle with data visibility, hindering effective financial strategies.  That’s where Panax steps in with its innovative liquidity management platform. We’re excited to lead Panax’s $15 million funding round, and believe in their ability to become a market leader, helping finance teams adapt to the digital age. Here’s why we’re backing Panax:
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Promoting a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity: Why We Invested in Nagomi’s $30 Million Funding

Today, Team8 Portfolio company Nagomi, aptly named after the Japanese concept of balance, announces its $30 million Series A investment and launch. The $23M Series A funding round for Nagomi was led by TCV, with participation from CrowdStrike, Okta, and Team8, who led the previously unannounced $7M Seed Round. This major investment underscores the industry’s strong recognition of Nagomi’s approach to proactive threat management.

Breeding Fintech Unicorns: The Surprising Drivers Behind Billion-Dollar Success

Recent years have ushered in an unprecedented wave of unicorns, startups that have defied all expectations to reach a billion-dollar valuation. In the context of the 2021 tech bubble – and the subsequent market correction – claims to the title for some companies in this camp were either premature or unwarranted. The hard truth is that achieving unicorn status signifies more than just financial success; it reflects a company’s capacity to disrupt the status quo with innovative solutions and exceptional business agility and resilience. 

Meet Fijoya: The New Team8 Company Driving Impact with Digital Health, Fintech, and AI

There’s a new addition to the Team8 portfolio, and one we’re particularly excited about. Today, we are announcing our $8.3M Seed investment in Fijoya – a startup launched in the Team8 Digital Health Foundry, co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Baruch Levy and Sagi Polani. 

At the Tipping Point of Digital Transformation: Why Team8 is Building and Investing in Digital Health

I am thrilled to officially announce the launch of Team8 Health! In its 10 years of existence, Team8 has explored, created, and invested in groundbreaking territories such as cybersecurity, data infrastructure, AI, fintech, and, most recently, digital health.

Announcing Team8 Enterprise Fund III: Creating the Next Frontier of Cyber, AI, and Data Infrastructure

Raising the bar in enterprise tech. Today we are announcing that Team8 has closed its third Venture-Creation Enterprise Fund, with USD $110 million in committed capital. The Enterprise Fund III (VE III) will continue the practice that has helped Team8 become a global powerhouse in enterprise tech – partnering with world-class founders to tackle the…
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Announcing VC II: Doubling Down on the Israeli Ecosystem

It’s been 5 years since Team8 launched its venture-capital fund, Team8 capital. The rationale for establishing an investment arm was clear – as part of Team8’s distinctive “venture-creation” process we identify and validate core problems and needs in our target markets. We then partner with founders to launch entirely new companies from scratch, addressing these needs.  However, there are occasions when great companies, founded outside of Team8, are already innovatively addressing these needs

Data Horizons Explored: Unlocking Insights and Trends in Team8’s 2023 Data Village Survey

Almost a year ago, we embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of our Data Village. Today, we are delighted to announce a significant milestone as our journey reaches new heights: our recently conducted Data Village survey has unveiled crucial insights and industry trends, revealing that a majority of organizations are gearing up to boost their data budgets in 2024, with a major focus on investing in ML tools. However, the survey also sheds light on a notable challenge: despite substantial investments, a significant portion of data remains untapped.
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