Our story

We rethink venture and provide entrepreneurs with an unfair advantage to accelerate success while helping enterprises digitally transform.

Why Rethink Venture: Capital is not enough

Capital is the cost of entry for an entrepreneur, but it isn’t a magic solution.

Building technology companies to real market success is an exciting, but volatile process. Too often, entrepreneurs face limited reach to end customers and lack access to deep research capabilities and specialized talent. These are challenges that capital alone can’t solve. Team8’s model was built around the belief that we could improve the odds for entrepreneurs but also develop the right solutions for enterprises.

Who we are:
Our team is your team

We are more than investors. We are company builders invested in your success. 

We believe in domain expertise and are specialists in cybersecurity, data and fintech. We are former CEOs, serial entrepreneurs and investors, as well as former intelligence leaders, researchers, technologists, ideators and marketers. We’ve created a culture and model that is open, collaborative, multidisciplinary and creative. One that leverages our diverse perspectives and our strategic focus on specific domain expertise.

How we do it:
A collaborative model

Our model identifies and solves enterprise problems through a disciplined de-risking process.

We partner with entrepreneurs to co-found new companies through our foundry vehicles or invest in entrepreneurs already on their way through our investment arm. Leveraging our Village of industry, government and academic leaders, our model enables us to surface enterprise challenges, ideate solutions, and build or invest in companies to drive enterprise innovation and accelerate growth.

All of this adds up to more predictable long-term success

We are domain experts. We build and invest in areas we really get.

We are company builders with a disciplined process.

We are driven by research, relationships and market validation.

We are continually improved by enterprise and academic participation.

We are practiced at anticipating future problems.

Our model offers a rich ecosystem of resources and a disciplined process to surface challenges, ideate solutions, build companies and accelerate growth. Here’s how it works:

It takes the right team

Our full-time team of company builders work with and for the founders.

Meet the team

Domain Experts

Former CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, former leaders of Israel’s technology and intelligence Unit 8200 who bring unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity, data, and fintech.

Researchers & Ideators

In-house deep technological expertise to crack complex technological challenges, understand limitations of existing solutions and design the architecture of new ones.

Marketers & Business Developers

Marketing experts and sales accelerators create access to customers and partners, provide competitive analysis, outline the customer market, support the brand and facilitate introductions to hundreds of executives from Team8’s Village.


Dedicated recruiters to tap into the top talent emerging from graduates of elite military intelligence and tech units that become the core engineering and research teams of our portfolio companies.

It takes a Village

Team8’s dedicated community of hundreds of C-level enterprise executives and academics identify complex challenges that, once solved, will make a significant impact and help us take our companies to market.

Meet the Village

It takes a process

Through ongoing collaboration between our company-builders and the Village, Team8 articulates a thesis with the confidence that a critical mass of enterprises are behind it. Then, we either invest in an existing company or partner with entrepreneurs to build a new company from scratch. Our process de-risks company-building and accelerates the path to success.

Explore our process

We build and invest
in our areas of expertise

Partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found companies in enterprise tech, cyber, and AI.

Partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found financial technology companies.

Leading investments at seed and Series A and B rounds.