Partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found transformative fintech companies

The financial industry is facing a perfect storm.
With proliferating demand for better, more personalized and affordable financial services, the time is riper than ever for disruption.

New technologies make it easier than ever to repurpose and integrate different layers of the financial technology stack into new applications. Current regulatory standards, such as open banking, encourage competition, provide users with more control over their data, and allow them to easily migrate to new services. More and more customers are turning to digital financial services – a move accelerated by Covid-19 – and younger generations are on the lookout for the latest solutions, rendering brand loyalty a thing of the past.

We aim to turn this storm into a source of power to propel the right fintech initiatives forward. Our goal is to build companies that will enhance the offerings of the industry players that have significant market share, to ensure they stay relevant and gain a competitive advantage.

We build companies that focus on three diverse opportunities, each representing enormous future potential:

Support the digital transformation of
financial incumbents

Enhance the value proposition of
established fintech companies

Empower non-financial companies to become
new providers of financial services

Brilliant ideas and technologies aren’t enough to succeed. Fintech remains a complex and tough industry to innovate for due to regulations, privacy, cyber threats and the multiplayer nature of the ecosystem. The differentiating elements for success are deep industry expertise, creative and innovative business offerings, and strong execution capabilities – which are exactly what we bring to the table.