Neatsun Ziv

Co-Founder & CEO, OX Security

Neatsun Ziv is the CEO and co-founder of Ox Security, the first end-to-end software supply chain security solution for DevSecOps. Prior to that, he was the VP Cyber Security at Check Point where he oversaw all cyber initiatives. His team was one of the first to respond to SolarWinds and NotPetya and other major attacks, working closely with Interpol, Local CERT and other enforcement agencies.

Neatsun is a passionate and seasoned entrepreneur with vast cyber security experience. He served in the IDF Cyber Intelligence Unit and is a frequent speaker at global forums, including RSA and CPX, among others, frequently being selected as one of the top talks.

Neatsun holds a B.Sc from Israel’s Open University (honors) and an MBA from the Technion (Magna Cum Laude).