Igor Zaks, CFA

Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer, 40Seas

Igor is the Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer of 40Seas, a fintech platform that digitizes and simplifies cross-border trade financing for SMEs around the globe. Igor is a seasoned finance professional, with extensive experience in banking, blue-chip corporates and consulting. Prior to joining the 40Seas founding team, Igor held senior banking roles at Citibank, Daiwa and Eurohypo/Commerzbank, and served as a senior executive at Dell on the financing and risk management teams.  He was also a Managing Partner at SCF Capital, where he played a key role in launching the first supply chain financing platform, and is a seasoned consultant to many companies in the fintech space.  Igor is a frequent speaker at major corporate events and sits on the advisory/editorial boards of TRF News and World of Open Account.

Igor holds a Sloan Fellowship MSc (with distinction) from the London Business School and a Global Professional LLM from the University of Toronto.