Niv Yaar

CBO & Co-Founder, Panax

Niv Yaar is the Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO) at Panax, where he leverages his extensive experience in business development and financial management to drive strategic growth and innovation. Niv has been instrumental in shaping Panax’s business strategies and enhancing its market presence in the fintech sector. Before joining Panax, Niv served as the Vice President of Business Development and Economics at Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd., where he led initiatives in mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and supply chain optimizations for the aviation industry parts manufacturer. His tenure at FIMI Opportunity Fund, Israel’s leading private equity fund, honed his skills in investment strategy and financial oversight. Niv began his career at Ernst & Young, where he specialized in transaction advisory and corporate finance strategy, providing robust financial modeling, feasibility analysis, and strategic consultancy services. He holds an LLB in Accounting and Law from Tel Aviv University and is a certified public accountant (CPA). Niv’s vision for fintech is marked by a commitment to innovative, sustainable growth and a deep understanding of the economic forces shaping the industry.