Team8 Capital leads investments in Cyber Security, Data, Fintech and Digital Health. We invest in Seed and Series A.

We bring decades of operational, company-building and investing experience taking companies from seed to IPO.

Our Portfolio benefits

Powerful Access to Market

Portfolio companies leverage deep relationships with members of the Team8 Village – a close-knit community of CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs and CDOs, representing hundreds of large enterprises around the world. We curate dozens of roundtables and webinars a month that feature our portfolio companies, leading to hundreds of sales opportunities a year. Our deep relationships also generate intimate discussions that give entrepreneurs a unique insider’s view into enterprise challenges – a distinct competitive advantage.

Access to Triple-A Talent

Team8 brings unparalleled access to recruit world-class R&D talent and alumni of Israel’s elite technology and intelligence units, leveraging the background of Team8 partners as former leadership of Unit 8200. Team8 Capital’s hiring access also benefits from the group’s strategic partnerships with leading universities around the world known for their advanced mathematics, computer science and cybersecurity programs including MIT, Columbia, NYU and Tulsa University.

Deep Domain Expertise

We invest in areas we really get. Our companies are surrounded by industry experts and veterans who have built their careers in cyber, data, AI, digital health and fintech. They are part of the team, helping to navigate challenges based on decades of industry experience

Dedicated Value-Add Team

We invest much more than capital. Our companies are supported by a full-time, in-house team of dozens of researchers, technologists, marketers, business developers, and recruiters. These experts are fully dedicated to accelerating Team8 Capital companies’ journey to success.

Portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies solve problems of magnitude and specialize in significant, meaningful digital transformation, creating new mega-opportunities for the enterprise, in areas of cyber, AI and fintech.