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A comprehensive platform to protect, manage, and control industrial assets, improving resiliency and business continuity

Revolutionizing quantum software development by bringing automation and synthesis into the quantum algorithm design process

A mathematically secure and distributed way to sign transactions and manage digital assets

Discover-Monitor-Secure technology taking into account the entire infrastructure supply chain of your online assets: Web, Cloud, DNS and PKI

Enabling organizations to collaborate on sensitive data to extract insights while preserving privacy and trust

FundGuard is a next-generation SaaS platform for investment management and administration that is powered by AI

A Modern Secure Workstation software platform that enables running multiple isolated operating systems on a single device

Deception-based defense system enabling organizations to disarm attackers by destroying their decision-making ability

Enabling enterprises to infuse AI into key operational processes easily, scalably, and at a fraction of the cost of current generation solutions

AI-powered data platform for commercial insurance, helping carriers increase commercial premiums while reducing loss and expense ratios

Acquired by Cisco

Kubernetes-native security solution, single pane of glass for containers and Kubernetes security.

Sales Behavior Management Platform designed to boost productivity by leveraging data and behavioral science to motivate the right behaviors in customer-facing teams

Acquired by Temasek

A cyber technology and services company providing high-end consulting and incident response support

Global standard for measuring cyber risk exposure and resilience

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