Rethink Venture

Team8 provides entrepreneurs with an unfair advantage to accelerate success and helps enterprises digitally transform.

Our Model Drives
Innovation Differently

We build and invest in companies. Our model integrates an in-house company-building team and our Village of C-level executives into a disciplined process.

Our Vehicles

We build and invest in companies in enterprise technologies, cyber, AI and fintech.

Partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found companies in enterprise tech, cyber and AI.


Partnering with entrepreneurs to
co-found financial technology companies.


Leading investments in Seed, Series A and B rounds.


Partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found transformative digital health companies


It takes a Village

Our Village community of hundreds of C-level executives provides a privileged insider’s view into enterprise challenges

Jerry Geisler

SVP & Global CISO

“If Israel is re-writing the future of cyber-security, Team8 is one step ahead. Their attacker perspective is integrated into building leading technology solutions and addressing today’s business growth challenges.”

Kirsten Davies


“It’s an exciting way to be a part of what’s up and out on the horizon, with regards to new technologies and new advancements in our field.”

Adm. Mike Rogers

Former Director

“Team8 focuses on problems that are relevant and significant. Its model is based on using a collaborative village of relevant expertise and perspectives to generate solutions to those problems and then creating a company that can actually apply those solutions.”

Nagraj Kashyap

Corporate VP & Global Head

“Microsoft will work closely with Team8 to explore and research some of the major challenges the world is facing with cybersecurity today”

Steve Hawkins

CISO & SVP, Global Technology Services

“Partnering with Team8 gives access to some incredibly talented people; Highly technical but also able to work at the C-level in communicating risks and challenges and being a trusted advisor to help us on our journey.”

David Cowan


“Any startup in the Team8 platform has an unfair advantage in that it has immediate exposure to large enterprises around the world. It’s why as an investor I’m excited to invest in them, and it’s why an entrepreneur ought to be jumping at the chance to be part of this ecosystem.”

Tim Booher

Managing Director & Chief Security Architect

“When I look at Team8, I see an incubator of ideas and a founder of companies that go out to win. No one else can provide the speed-to-value they provide – good results, very quickly.”

Bret Hartman

VP & CTO of Security Business Group

“It’s not just about VCs or investors throwing money at a problem, Team8 really is about trying to find the relevant problems that are out there and then matching the right technologists and customers to be able to solve them.”

Ben Davey

CEO, UK Ventures

“We’ve been incredibly impressed by Team8’s approach and track record, and feel they are the ideal partner to help think through some of the challenges and opportunities we all face.”

Marcus Weldon

CTO & President of Bell Labs

“The pace of Team8’s agile company-building model and pre-market validation of their forward-thinking solutions is unrivalled.”

Rick Echevarria

VP, Software and Services Group, GM Platform Security Division

“Team8 provides a unique vantage point and deep experience that makes them a natural fit for future Intel’s security offerings.”

We partner with entrepreneurs
to solve enterprise problems

For entrepreneurs

We change the odds in your favor by bringing the expertise, experience, and resources that capital alone can’t drive.

For entrepreneurs

For enterprises

We offer enterprises a new model to advance digital transformation. We give context to your pain points and your goals, which sets us on a shared path to define and shape solutions.

For enterprises