Ofer Ben-Noon

Co-founder & CEO, Talon

Ofer Ben-Noon is the CEO and co-founder of Talon Cyber Security. Prior to that, he was co-founder of Argus, the global leader in automotive cyber security, which was sold to Continental in 2017. Following the acquisition, he served as a member of senior management at Continental and the CEO of Argus, leading it to protect over 50 million vehicles. Ofer is a passionate and seasoned entrepreneur with vast cyber security experience. He is an advisory board member and investor in a variety of cyber and leading startups and VCs as well as co-inventor of 41 cyber security granted and pending patents.

Ofer served as Captain in the IDF Cyber Intelligence Unit 8200 and was a team member of two Israel Defense Prize winning projects.

Ofer has been selected by Forbes for its ‘30 Under 30’ list as well as by Wired Magazine’s short list of ‘Exciting Individuals and Groups’. Ofer is a frequent speaker at global forums, including CES, Mobile World Congress, Automotive World Japan, IAA Germany, Automobile Elektronik, Escar, among others.

Ofer holds a B.A. with honors in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya, including Management and Entrepreneurship studies at Wharton, UPenn. He is a graduate of the prestigious “Zell” entrepreneurship program.