Ohad Bobrov

Co-founder & CTO, Talon

Ohad Bobrov is the CTO and co-founder of Talon Cyber Security. Ohad is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive, with over 20 years’ specialized experience in cybersecurity, big data, and large-scale robust production systems, particularly in the software, mobile and networking industries. Ohad has vast experience in building SaaS solutions and products for enterprises – from customer development to growth phase. Ohad was previously CTO and co-founder of Lacoon Mobile Security, a provider of security solutions for mobile phones, where he led the research, engineering, technology and product development of the company. Lacoon was aqcuired by Check Point in 2015, where he was appointed Vice President of SaaS, Mobility and Endpoint Cyber Technologies. Prior to Lacoon, Ohad founded and led the mobile mass networking solution department at NICE Systems. Ohad has been an Advisory Board Member for Puresec, as well as Advisory Board member and Chief Innovation Officer for Lumigo.

Ohad has presented cutting edge research in security conferences, including BlackHat (US, Asia and South America), InfoSec, MobileCon, and more.

Ohad holds a BSc in Computer Science from Israel’s Open University, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.