2030 And Beyond:

An Unconventional Look At The Future Of Fintech

An in-depth exploration of the innovative technologies, investments, and insights that are set to shape the fintech landscape in the coming decade.

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About the report

Written by Team8’s fintech leaders – serial entrepreneurs, seasoned veterans and former executives from industry giants such as Mastercard, Bank Leumi, eToro, PayPal, and JP Morgan – 2030 and Beyond: An Unconventional Look at the Future of Fintech is crucial reading for entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and investors alike. The report offers insights about the past, current, and future evolution of the fintech industry, as well as case studies and exclusive commentary from leading companies in the space.

2030 and Beyond: An Unconventional Look at the Future of Fintech is more than an industry analysis; it’s a roadmap for the future, designed to anchor businesses in the enduring aspects of financial services while propelling them forward through the transformative power of fintech.

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What’s inside?

Forecasting the future of fintech, including the key trends and technologies shaping its trajectory, is an ambitious endeavor. To guide our thinking and inform our analysis, we asked ourselves three straightforward questions about the fintech landscape:

  • What Won’t Change? A look at the immutable laws of the financial services universe
  • What (Likely) Will Change? An exploration of the trends that are most likely to accelerate in the near term
  • What Could Change Everything? Our long shot predictions for 2030 and beyond

Whether you’re a founder envisioning your next venture, an executive seeking to navigate the shifting tides of finance, or simply a fintech enthusiast eager for a glimpse into the future, 2030 and Beyond: An Unconventional Look at the Future of Fintech, offers invaluable insights and inspiration.