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Blog Post: Making Data Work On the Need for Next Gen Automated Data Fabric

A CDOs Guide – Making Data Work: On the Need for Next-Gen Automated Data Fabric

Data lies at the heart of modern business operations, with organizations increasingly seeking to leverage data and analytics to drive revenue growth and cost reduction. However, many companies face challenges in extracting value from data at scale and speed.
Blog Post Data Investments

2022 Year in Review: Data Investments in Israel

The Israeli data ecosystem is alive and well, even with cross-sector slowdowns in the Israeli and international tech industry. Israel’s world-renowned data companies still managed to raise impressive capital in 2022 and are set up to thrive in the years to come. Below, we have identified several key trends pushing the data ecosystem forward in...
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Building Trustworthy AI: Navigating Trust in the Wild West Copy

With more companies embedding AI in their commercial operations every day, AI is a rapidly growing market that has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. But AI is also a digital disruptor that can inevitably increase risk, especially when it comes to handling and manipulating personal and sensitive data.
The all star analystPart 2 Team8

The All-Star Analyst: Powered by AI (Part 2)

This follow-up article highlights practical ways that citizen data analysts are using the technology to drive value for their business.
Rise of the Cyborgs 4Rethink

Rise of the Cyborgs: Using AI/ML to Enhance Human Intelligence (Part 1)

AI/ML promises to drive great advances in business analysis, but the technology needs to be more user-friendly to ensure uptake. Noogata CEO and co-founder Assaf Egozi explores key drivers and barriers to adoption.
Surf the Data Tsunami with Noogata01

Surf the Data Tsunami with Noogata

New kind of operator that starts with the business problem and creates data solution that has real business impact.
SetSail Rising01

SetSail Rising

Why Team8 invested in SetSail & how rethinking compensation is revolutionizing sales
An opportunity to disrupt the global fund administration market01

An opportunity to disrupt the global fund administration market

Why Team8 invested in FundGuard