Aviad Harell

Managing Partner, Team8 Enterprise

Aviad Harell, Managing Partner at Team8, is an angel investor and adviser to many startup companies, venture capital firms and executives.

Before joining Team8, Aviad founded Sisense, a leading business intelligence startup. Under his leadership, Sisense grew to become a leading BI vendor with $150 million in annual revenue and more than 800 employees. Over the course of his tenure at Sisense, Aviad led a wide range of departments, including Sisense Engineering, Product Management, Field Engineering, and Customer Support among others.

Aviad moved to the United States in 2013 to create Sisense US, which rapidly emerged as the company’s headquarters. During this time, Aviad launched additional growth engines for Sisense, including cloud-based services, SaaS products and OEM services. Over time, these growth engines proved to be the biggest source of revenue for the company, accounting for more than 80% of its overall revenue.
Over the past few years, Aviad has served as Sisense’s COO and GM while also being an angel investor, cultivating, advising, and investing in extraordinary entrepreneurs and creating new ventures.

Aviad holds a BSc in Computer Science from Reichman University (formerly IDC Herzliya).