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Blog Post biggest fintech opportunities in 2024

Industry leaders share their 2024 Fintech Predictions (Warning: Spoiler Alert)! 

Industry leaders share their 2024 Fintech Predictions (Warning: Spoiler Alert)!  Against a backdrop of geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty in 2023, there has been one constant: the resilience of the Israeli fintech ecosystem. In Israel, we relish the opportunity to tackle complex problems and challenge industry convention with state-of-the-art technology, providing the perfect conditions for innovation...
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2022 Year in Review: Fintech Investments in Israel

Israeli seed-stage companies spearheading the next wave of fintech innovation
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40Seas on the crest of a wave: Bold innovators in SME, cross-border trade financing

After a rigorous process of establishing product-market fit, one of our home-grown foundry companies, 40Seas has emerged from stealth mode with a spectacular $111m funding raise.
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3 guiding FinOps principles that will help you explain cloud costs to the board

When venture-backed companies were chasing growth metrics, higher cloud bills were shrugged off as unavoidable. But the exuberance of the last few years is fading, and investors are adopting a more somber approach to their portfolio companies’ financials. Usage-based cloud and SaaS services, which have become a major cost center, are coming into the spotlight.
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4 Fintech leaders outline 4 key trends for 2022

As 2022 kicks off and global economic activity begins to surpass pre-pandemic levels, Team8’s fintech experts have identified 4 key trends & opportunities that are on the table for businesses in the year ahead.
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Introducing April: Long needed relief for US taxpayers

For tax filers, April provides a fast, easy and frictionless tax filing experience, so you won’t need to rely on cumbersome tax software anymore.
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Introducing Spott: Finally, Financial Services for E-commerce Sellers

Powered by AI and machine learning technology, Spott is the world’s first e-commerce digital insurance platform to accurately assess e-commerce business risk, and offer financial services that are uniquely tailored to online sellers.

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

In this deep dive interview with Roni Firon, host of The Bigger Picture Podcast, Yuval Tal, Managing Partner at Team8, shares raw and unfiltered insights about the emotionally taxing journey of entrepreneurship.