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Welcoming Dig Security to Team8’s Portfolio to Solve Data Security in the Cloud

I’m excited to share that cloud data security company, Dig Security, emerged from stealth mode with today’s announcement of its $11M seed funding, led by Team8 Capital.
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Q&A with Team8 alumnus Ben Borodach: from day job to startup founder

It’s always exciting when someone who was part of the team then decides to chart their own entrepreneurial journey and become one of our portfolio company founders. Ben Borodach, previously Team8's VP of Strategy and Operations is doing just that with his new fintech startup, April, purpose built to “make taxes less taxing.”

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

In this deep dive interview with Roni Firon, host of The Bigger Picture Podcast, Yuval Tal, Managing Partner at Team8, shares raw and unfiltered insights about the emotionally taxing journey of entrepreneurship.
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Seeing the unseen: the startup journey

Just as you can’t tell the shape or size of the entire iceberg from looking only at its tip, each individual startup journey is unique, and you can’t tell the shape of the unseen highs and lows by just looking at the marquee moments.
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Just Keep Swimming: 5 Tips for Startups

Just like training for and completing this swim, building a company is a marathon, not a sprint. And just like running (or swimming) a marathon, several factors need to be in place to ensure success. 
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Founders Focus: Yuval Tal, Managing Partner at Team8 Fintech, discusses his rules of entrepreneurship with AFU-669 Podcast

In addition to reflecting on the vast knowledge he acquired through founding and running Borderfree and Payoneer, two wildly successful Fintech companies that are now traded on the NASDAQ, Yuval discusses the human side of launching or joining a startup.
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A unique approach to InsurTech: Announcing our investment in Sayata

Sayata is a marketplace for insurance brokers to find the best coverage for their small and midsize business (SMB) customers. Having initially focused on cyber insurance, Sayata is now expanding to multiple different lines.

Founders Focus: Sarit Firon, Managing Partner at Team8, chats with Elad Tsur, CEO & Co-Founder of Planck

Founders Focus: Sarit Firon, Managing Partner at Team8, chats with Elad Tsur, Co-founder & CEO of Planck