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Attacks on cloud infrastructure

Attacks on cloud infrastructure are inevitable – Gem Security is preparing SOC teams for attack day

Welcoming Gem Security to the Team8 family, as it raises $11M in Seed funding to tackle Cloud Threat Detection, Investigation and Response (TDIR)
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The State of Cloud Attacks

Cloud adoption continues to rise at an accelerated pace. According to Gartner, global public cloud services spend is expected to grow by 20.4% this year (2022) to $494.7 billion and approach $600 billion in 2023. However, cloud migration and adoption might lead to implementing technology without the necessary cloud security considerations. Cloud implementations come with...
CISO Summit NY 2023 v2

The Team8 CISO Summit is Coming Back to NYC: Exploring the Human Side of the CISO Role

Startups are never easy. But in the last decade - and especially during the 'Covid boom' of 2020-2021 - money was less of an issue. With near endless flows of capital into private markets and a booming stock market, founders had access to unprecedented amounts of cash.
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Hot Off the Press: A CISO’s Guide to Legal Risks and Liabilities

When venture-backed companies were chasing growth metrics, higher cloud bills were shrugged off as unavoidable. But the exuberance of the last few years is fading, and investors are adopting a more somber approach to their portfolio companies’ financials. Usage-based cloud and SaaS services, which have become a major cost center, are coming into the spotlight.
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See Yourself in Cyber – 7 Industry Leaders Share Their Journey and Learnings

Who are the cybersecurity insiders? What motivates them to build companies in this ever-evolving landscape? What’s keeping them up at night? October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber”, highlighting the human element in an industry that might seem complex and daunting to many. To mark the occasion, we spoke...
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The Modern Software Supply Chain Has Too Many Weak Links. OX Security Has a Solution

OX Security, the newest addition to the Team8 family, is pioneering the next generation of software supply chain security and integrity. Now that news of its $34M funding has been made public
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Tackling Global Cybersecurity Challenges: It Takes a Village (of CISOs)

The cybersecurity industry is still relatively young, but the need for better collaboration and knowledge sharing has been around since its inception. Being a CISO can be an isolating experience: the very nature of the role requires confidentiality, discretion, and in some cases hitting the brakes on new initiatives for the sake of protecting the organization.
RSA Charles v5

RSA 2022 – A Happy Reunion

The RSA Conference in San Francisco is the largest gathering of cybersecurity professionals and experts, vendors, technologists and investors, to discuss current and future concerns, best practices and industry trends.