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Introducing Spott: Finally, Financial Services for E-commerce Sellers

Powered by AI and machine learning technology, Spott is the world’s first e-commerce digital insurance platform to accurately assess e-commerce business risk, and offer financial services that are uniquely tailored to online sellers.
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A Semester to Remember: Team8 Summer Interns & Associates Share Their Journey at Team8

Since the inauguration of our Summer Internship & Associateship Program in the summer of 2020, we have been fortunate to work with a really great group of smart and talented individuals.
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The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

In this deep dive interview with Roni Firon, host of The Bigger Picture Podcast, Yuval Tal, Managing Partner at Team8, shares raw and unfiltered insights about the emotionally taxing journey of entrepreneurship.
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4 Key Cybersecurity Threats to New Central Bank Digital Currencies

Cybersecurity, along with technical resilience and sound technical governance, are the most important elements of CBDC technical design.
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5 steps to ensure your Fintech product doesn’t flop

Fintech has reached ‘coolest kid on the block’ status, so it’s no wonder that new fintech startups are sprouting like mushrooms on a daily basis. Another day another neo-bank gets launched around some niche target audience (soon we’ll see a bank for people who have been abducted by aliens) while funding and valuations continue to soar to new heights. 
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Seeing the unseen: the startup journey

Just as you can’t tell the shape or size of the entire iceberg from looking only at its tip, each individual startup journey is unique, and you can’t tell the shape of the unseen highs and lows by just looking at the marquee moments.
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Building Trustworthy AI: Navigating Trust in the Wild West Copy

With more companies embedding AI in their commercial operations every day, AI is a rapidly growing market that has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. But AI is also a digital disruptor that can inevitably increase risk, especially when it comes to handling and manipulating personal and sensitive data.
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Spotlight on Marketing: A Conversation with Dana Cass, VP of Marketing, IVIX

One of the great things about working with start-ups is the opportunity to work with founders to find the right marketing talent. Matan Fattal and Doron Passov, co-founders of IVIX, the first technology platform purpose-built to combat the shadow economy, needed a new VP of marketing to help them propel the company forward.
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Smashing the glass ceiling in the pursuit of Fintech innovation

I would like to think the theme of smashing the glass ceiling has defined my career trajectory to date. My story gives expression to a strong desire to push boundaries and challenge convention.
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Rockstars supporting Rockstars – Delivering World-Class Marketing to Early Stage Start-Ups

Among the most exciting tasks has been finding and welcoming three rockstars to our marketing team, all of whom bring incredible skills and an enthusiasm for the startup and tech space that is exactly what our portfolio companies need in their marketing team.
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Just Keep Swimming: 5 Tips for Startups

Just like training for and completing this swim, building a company is a marathon, not a sprint. And just like running (or swimming) a marathon, several factors need to be in place to ensure success. 
Cybersecurity is National Security

Cybersecurity is National Security

Cyber risk is one of few tangible threats that we experience on an individual, national, and global level all at once. The WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund (WCBR), based on the WisdomTree Team8 Cybersecurity Index, provides investors with targeted exposure to the businesses at the forefront of fortifying our networks and system.

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