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Tackling Global Cybersecurity Challenges: It Takes a Village (of CISOs)

The cybersecurity industry is still relatively young, but the need for better collaboration and knowledge sharing has been around since its inception. Being a CISO can be an isolating experience: the very nature of the role requires confidentiality, discretion, and in some cases hitting the brakes on new initiatives for the sake of protecting the organization.
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RSA 2022 – A Happy Reunion

The RSA Conference in San Francisco is the largest gathering of cybersecurity professionals and experts, vendors, technologists and investors, to discuss current and future concerns, best practices and industry trends.
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Founders Spotlight: Q&A with Dig Security Co-founder and CEO Dan Benjamin

Dig Security came out of stealth last week with the announcement of its seed funding, led by Team8. To mark the milestone, we sat down with Dig Security Co-founder and CEO, Dan Benjamin, to find out more about Dig’s unique solution. 
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Welcoming Dig Security to Team8’s Portfolio to Solve Data Security in the Cloud

I’m excited to share that cloud data security company, Dig Security, emerged from stealth mode with today’s announcement of its $11M seed funding, led by Team8 Capital.
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Creativity & The Business of Validation

In my time at Team8, I’ve learned a lot from the way we go about validating ideas. Here are some thoughts on how the Team8 validation process helps us to assemble a launching pad for founders who want to build something great.
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Greater female representation in senior roles is a critical success factor for tech companies

In light of the significant talent shortage confronting the technology sector, and the added value that women can bring to tech companies, the need to increase female representation in hi-tech is clear.
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Q&A with Team8 alumnus Ben Borodach: from day job to startup founder

It’s always exciting when someone who was part of the team then decides to chart their own entrepreneurial journey and become one of our portfolio company founders. Ben Borodach, previously Team8’s VP of Strategy and Operations is doing just that with his new fintech startup, April, purpose built to “make taxes less taxing.”
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Advancing women in tech – by our women in tech

On International Women’s Day this year, we asked some of the female leaders within Team8’s portfolio companies for their thoughts on being a woman in technology, how to increase the number of women in technology and if they had any advice for the rest of us or had been given any great advice that helped them.
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A guide to hiring the first marketer for your startup

For any founder, the first marketing hire is critical. This individual will play a major role in building out the internal marketing function, setting the tone for team dynamics and corporate identity.
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4 Fintech leaders outline 4 key trends for 2022

As 2022 kicks off and global economic activity begins to surpass pre-pandemic levels, Team8’s fintech experts have identified 4 key trends & opportunities that are on the table for businesses in the year ahead.
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The 7 Themes Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity: Introducing Team8’s 2022 Cybersecurity Themes Report

Team8’s Cybersecurity Themes Report 2022 details the seven themes shaping the future of cybersecurity. These themes are driven by the impact of the pandemic, the increase in remote work, and the rising number of cyberattacks, which are causing governments to respond.
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Product Management Insights: Empathize with Users and Have a Clear Goal

Liran Amrany, VP of Product at Team8 Fintech, shares how to create innovative products that positively impact people’s lives and help them establish valuable habits.
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