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Sayata Product Rethink

A unique approach to InsurTech: Announcing our investment in Sayata

Sayata is a marketplace for insurance brokers to find the best coverage for their small and midsize business (SMB) customers. Having initially focused on cyber insurance, Sayata is now expanding to multiple different lines.
The all star analystPart 2 Team8

The All-Star Analyst: Powered by AI (Part 2)

This follow-up article highlights practical ways that citizen data analysts are using the technology to drive value for their business.
Rise of the Cyborgs 4Rethink

Rise of the Cyborgs: Using AI/ML to Enhance Human Intelligence (Part 1)

AI/ML promises to drive great advances in business analysis, but the technology needs to be more user-friendly to ensure uptake. Noogata CEO and co-founder Assaf Egozi explores key drivers and barriers to adoption.

Founders Focus: Sarit Firon, Managing Partner at Team8, chats with Elad Tsur, CEO & Co-Founder of Planck

Founders Focus: Sarit Firon, Managing Partner at Team8, chats with Elad Tsur, Co-founder & CEO of Planck
ecommerce blog fintech

E-commerce: A Catalyst for Disruptive Fintech Innovation

Ecommerce grew steadily over the last decade but COVID-19 has been the ultimate catalyst.
Blog Monogotto 690x444

Introducing Monogoto: rethinking connectivity with the first cellular cloud built entirely for things, not people

Announcing our investment in Monogoto, the Twilio for connectivity!
evolving CISO

The Evolving CISO: From Naysayer to Enabler

CISOs are not typically perceived as business enablers, but a single instance of failure can be catastrophic
Launching Hysolate Free01

Launching Hysolate Free

Taking Windows Sandbox to the next level
Cyber Risk is business risk01

It’s Official: Cyber Risk is business risk, and needs to be managed as such

VisibleRisk aims to quantify cyber risk in financial terms so that business leaders can manage risk as clearly as possible
Fintech Meets Cybercrime01

Fintech Meets Cybercrime: a Survival Guide

Financial data holders are the number one target for cybercriminals.
Akeyless finally an alternative01

Akeyless: finally, an alternative to HashiCorp Vault

Announcing our investment in Akeyless, the SaaS-based secrets management and zero-trust company
Meet Spiral a bank with a moral compass01

Meet Spiral, a bank with a moral compass

Spiral’s mission is to create an ecosystem for charity sector that will empower donors to help communities.
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