Monogoto is an Over-The-Top cellular connectivity provider, focused on secured global connectivity. They offer extensive self-service console and APIs, serving as a one-stop-shop to manage all aspects of your global connectivity. Last-mile can be the traditional MNOs or MVNOs (they support almost 600 worldwide, in 180 countries), or it can be your own Private LTE or 5G network, for your cellular-based Local-Area-Network.

One use case that could be relevant is IoT connectivity – if you currently have products/devices/components requiring cellular connectivity, or looking for such connectivity for future products/devices (under development or in planning phase). Including remote facilities, edge devices, and data-generating components that require connectivity.

Another use case is Private LTE/5G – if you have a facility (Campus / warehouse / manufacturing, etc.) needing to operate a private cellular network (new or replace existing). Monogoto is applicable in countries where frequencies are accessible (USA with CBRS, Netherlands, France, Germany, etc).

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