Hadar Siterman Norris

Partner, Team8 Capital

Hadar has joined Team8 from Mastercard Worldwide, where she held a variety of investment, product, and account management roles across the US and European markets over the last eight years. At Mastercard, Hadar developed deep expertise across key fintech verticals, including Commercial and Personal Payments, Cyber and Data, E-Commerce, Digital Wallets, Crypto, etc.

In the last four years, Hadar has led Mastercard’s European Equity investments, into leading fintech companies. During Hader’s tenure, Mastercard evaluated hundreds of companies and completed more than 10 equity investments, totaling in over 50M USD, coupled with commercial agreements of a few hundred Million Dollars.

Before moving to Israel with this role, Hadar lived in NY for six years where she held a variety of roles with Mastercard in the US market including product management, business development, and operations.

In her career, Hadar has worked with top-notch companies across verticals, including traditional banks, retailers, disruptive fast-growing fintech, and new platforms, such as Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Marqeta, Macy’s, Shopify, Google, and Airbnb among others.

In Israel, Hadar worked for Discount Bank’s Corporate Strategy, where she led the body of work on the impact of technology on the Branch of the Future.

Hadar is an MBA graduate from Columbia Business School, and also holds a B.A. in Economics & Philosophy from Ben Gurion University in Israel.