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A Semester to Remember: Team8 Summer Interns & Associates Share Their Journey at Team8

Aaron Dubin January 12, 2022
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Since the inauguration of our Summer Internship & Associateship Program in the summer of 2020, we have been fortunate to work with a really great group of smart and talented individuals. These folks worked with us at different stages of their career, and represented a special mix of backgrounds, geographies, and education types from post-high school (gap year) to college to graduate school.  We learned so much from them, and hope their experience at Team8 will aid them in all of their future endeavors in business and technology.

As we begin planning for our next Summer Internship & Associateship Program for this coming summer of 2022, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the journey so far, and share some thoughts and feedback from our dear program alumni.

Tell us about yourself.  Where are you from? What are you studying?

Gideon Abramowitz: I am from New Jersey, and recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania as an Economics major. I am now working as a management consultant in New York City.

Niv Sparkes: I am from NYC, and am currently studying at the University of Chicago, where I plan to major in Business Economics. Academically, I am interested in Economics and particularly Behavioral Economics. Outside of that, I have an obsession with dirt bikes and street motorcycles. I am also a competitive table tennis player.

Tal Abuloff: Originally, I am from Tel Aviv, Israel, but I’m currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I am pursuing a Masters Degree (LL.M.) at Harvard Law School, with an emphasis on venture capital, tech, and innovation.

Why did you choose to intern with Team8?

Gideon Abramowitz: I was drawn to Team8 because of its unique company creation platform, as well as its ability to leverage its valuable network of C-level executives at top companies. In addition, as someone passionate about fintech and cybersecurity, I wanted to engage with the incredible Team8 portfolio companies that are at the cutting edge in these fields.

Niv Sparkes: I was really intrigued by Team8’s unique structure. The separation of the Enterprise, Fintech, and Capital funds seemed like a smart way to divide work for the modern VC world. I was also on a gap semester program in Israel, and Team8 is a leader in the Israeli VC domain.

Tal Abuloff: During my summer break, I was hoping to work for a VC that has: 1) the best and most talented people; 2) domain expertise; and 3) excellent work culture. Team8 ticked all the boxes, and much more. Team8’s unique model – as both a VC and a company creation platform – was also an appealing factor, as it gave me a front row seat on how to build a successful startup from scratch.

What department were you in during your Team8 internship? What are some of the projects you worked on during your internship? (If it’s not confidential)

Gideon Abramowitz: I spent the summer interning with the Strategy & Business Research team, providing strategic research, analysis, and advice to Team8’s portfolio companies on a wide range of topics. For example, I helped create market landscapes for companies in the ideation phase, perform competitive analysis for companies aiming to develop new products, among other tasks. I also helped support the research behind the creation of the WisdomTree Team8 Cybersecurity Index.

Niv Sparkes: I worked in the Strategy & Business Research Team in the Enterprise and Fintech domains. I worked on various projects advising and supporting the portfolio companies. This included research and analysis of the eCommerce market and how one of Team8’s newest fintech company’s potential product(s) could fit into that market. Our team also did an analysis of the Cybersecurity Executive Order to determine how it mapped to Team8’s Cyber Brief  to identify common themes that would guide the industry and see how they mapped to Team8’s Cyber Brief.

Tal Abuloff: As a law student with a tech background, I was interested in fintech, since it combines financial and regulatory perspectives alongside tech innovation. I was fortunate to join Team8 Fintech, which is led by the best fintech leaders and fintech entrepreneurs Israel has to offer. The Fintech team immediately made me feel at home, and gave me the lead on several   ideation projects – which is the process of developing and validating a venture idea before it can become a startup.

What are some of the skills you learned during this internship that you think you didn’t have before?

Gideon Abramowitz: My time at Team8 gave me a wide range of skills that I know I’ll take with me throughout my career. First, it taught me how to research efficiently, and present my findings in a way that can be most practical and actionable for portfolio companies. In addition, I became advanced in Microsoft Excel, particularly in my ability to manage and manipulate large datasets. Finally, I expanded my knowledge in cutting-edge technology industries, including enterprise technology and fintech.

Niv Sparkes: At Team8, I learned how to holistically approach market and product strategy for startups and early-stage companies, and also learned about the cyber and fintech environment and the themes that guide much of the current approach from startups and early-stage companies.

Tal Abuloff: My time at Team8 covered everything from market research and sizing, to competitive analysis, strategic planning, and venture due diligence – and so much more! The Team8 Fintech team has the highest standards, and I enjoyed working alongside them and learning from them.

How do you plan to use what you learned during your internship towards next steps?

Gideon Abramowitz: Having just started a job at a consulting firm, I can say that the skills I developed in my time at Team8 have already proven to be useful. The most important skill I learned was my ability to make and deliver presentations. As a consultant, I’m often in situations where I have to present complicated findings to people I’ve never met. My work on the Strategy & Business Research team gave me the skills to develop effective powerpoints and deliver presentations with confidence.

Niv Sparkes: I hope to return to Team8 next summer on the same team. The team of people I worked with was fantastic and so welcoming, and it truly felt like a second home for me.

Thank you and congratulations to the Team8 Summer Program Class of 2020 and 2021!

We have begun accepting applications for the next Summer Internship and Associateship Program, which will take place from June to August 2022.  If you’re interested or know someone who might be a strong fit, please feel free to apply here or share.

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