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Introducing Monogoto: rethinking connectivity with the first cellular cloud built entirely for things, not people

Liran Grinberg June 10, 2021
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Announcing our investment in Monogoto, which we believe will do to connectivity what Twilio has done for communications.

Machines! = Humans

Traditional cellular operators were originally designed for humans to use on mobile devices.  With the advent of the internet of things (IoT), these cellular operators then tried to extend these capabilities to “things”. However, humans and machines have very different connectivity needs.

IoT, machine-to-machine and private LTE/5G networks require much more than high-quality connectivity. They need to be able to control every aspect of that connectivity and leverage the power of cellular for battery-optimization, changing quality-of-services on demand, bridging the gap between public and private cellular networks, embedding cybersecurity from the infrastructure, and much more. This will allow enterprises and developers to better leverage this connectivity to drive innovation, create new business models and enable new use cases that weren’t possible before.

Monogoto does exactly that, with a unique mobile core in the cloud, and we’re excited to announce that we are leading its $11M seed round of funding alongside telecom leaders Telefonica and Singtel, as well as Alter Venture Partners, Triventures and Planven Entrepreneur Ventures.

A Global Cellular Cloud for IoT and Private Networks, Providing Powerful APIs to Developers and Enterprises 

Monogoto provides global, IoT and machine-to-machine connectivity using powerful APIs that enable enterprises and developers to design, build, manage, control, and scale their IoT applications quickly and securely. Enterprises use the Monogoto platform to connect and control cellular-based sensors and devices, such as point of sales, ATMs, wearables, smart lights, fleets of cars and packages. They also leverage its APIs to provide enhanced flexibility and capabilities like cybersecurity, procurement, and IT management.

Monogoto is well-positioned to drive the IoT connectivity revolution forward, doing for connectivity what Twilio has done for communications. Monogoto has already seen tremendous success with more than 100 customers worldwide in various scaling stages, accessing the platform to drive IoT growth and innovation, including Sodaq, Connected You, Origin GPS and Tvilight.

The breadth and depth of use cases for Monotogo’s complete cellular connectivity solutions are incredible: they include industry 4.0, smart cities, wearables, agriculture, energy, automotive, telematics, transportation, and healthcare.

Monogoto’s advantage

What further sets Monogoto apart are three characteristics: (i) it is truly global; (ii) it is an infrastructure-as-a-service and powered by APIs; and (iii) it features best in class security. It is also perfectly positioned for the promise of 5G.

Truly global. Monogoto’s customers can work with it as one single provider everywhere they operate in the world via its connectivity with 550+ cellular networks in 180 countries. In this way, device manufacturers or enterprises that have a fleet of devices do not need to sign separate agreements with their local cellular providers. Rather, they can just work with Monogoto who will interact locally with those cellular providers as it is all managed in one global cloud.

Cloud native, Infrastructure-as-a-Service & API-powered. Being cloud native and building a proprietary and independent mobile core in the cloud, gives Monogoto two further advantages. Firstly, its customers have full visibility and can globally manage all of their devices from one centralized place. It also means that it is self-served, allowing customers to easily onboard and make changes based on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. A powerful suite of APIs allows enterprises and developers to leverage cellular to its full potential, exposing numerous functionality, manageability and security capabilities. Together, this means that enterprises and device manufacturers can now develop and deploy new products, use cases and whole business models at speed. What would sometimes take months, such as a setup or configuration change request from a traditional cellular operator, now takes minutes.

Best-in-class security. Enterprises or device manufacturers generally do not have the same level of control and visibility over what happens on these traditional cellular networks as they do on their own enterprise networks. It is a black box. But with Monogoto they have full control and access through APIs to see all their trades, to inspect all the traffic, and to apply various advanced security controls, on the network, at the edge and in the cloud, the same way they can with their IT environment.

Primed for the 5G revolution. In addition to enabling global, secure, high-quality and flexible IoT connectivity today, Monogoto is also preparing for the projected 5G network revolution. As the first-ever, cloud-native, single cloud for public and private cellular networks, Monogoto is uniquely positioned to help enterprises and developers create, monitor, manage and maintain connected systems for transformative 5G and CBRS applications, while enabling modern architectures such as Zero Trust and SASE for cellular IoT and connectivity.

Bringing this vision to life is the Monogoto team

The team at Monogoto has a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and deep cyber expertise as well as a profound understanding of the cellular and IoT worlds.

Itamar Kunik is the Co-Founder and CEO of Monogoto. He is a veteran of the IDF intelligence elite unit 8200 and brings more than 20 years of experience of leading over-the-top telecommunication and cyber security cloud-based platforms. Itamar was previously the CTO of fring, an OTT VoIP platform with 65M users. Maor, the Co-Founder & CTO is a cellular and telecom technology expert with 25 years’ experience and deep technical knowledge of the entire cellular space including mobile and fixed operator networks, IT and billing architecture, and mobile application development.

We know that enterprises and developers are hungry for a cloud-native experience that leverages the power of cellular connectivity, using APIs that are centrally managed, self-served and completely secure. Team8 is proud to be backing one of the strongest teams in the world at the intersection of cellular and cyber.

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