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The Team8 CISO Summit is Coming Back to NYC: Exploring the Human Side of the CISO Role

Gadi Evron December 5, 2022
CISO Summit NY 2023 v2

Team8’s CISO Summit is the best way to kick off 2023.

We’re bringing together the CISOs who are shaping the future of cybersecurity, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Along with a packed agenda curated by the industry experts at Team8 and unparalleled networking opportunities, we’re confident that this year’s CISO Summit will be one to remember.

Here’s what you can expect on January 18th and 19th in New York City:

The agenda.

We’ll be sharing more details ahead of the event – but we’re really excited with the content we’ve got lined up. 

This year’s summit will focus on the human aspects of the CISO role: leading cross-disciplinary teams, working under constant pressure to prevent attacks, and dealing with frequent crisis situations.

In addition to the main theme, we have an immersive two-day program focused on security innovation and new technologies that drive business continuity and resilience.

During the two-day agenda curated by the attendees and Team8, participants will:

  • Take part in the ’unconference’ peer-to-peer discussions around the event theme, “The Human Factor”.
  • Explore different angles of the role of the CISO – such as the CISO’s career path and diversity in the CISO organization.
  • Engage in a live exercise on cyber crisis management, and learn how to prepare for upcoming threats.
  • Hear other CISOs sharing their lessons from a real life crisis.
  • Learn from other CISOs about their personal experiences in implementing Zero Trust.
  • Hear directly from global intelligence experts about top legal risks and liabilities that should concern CISOs, as well as clear recommendations on how to address them.
  • Discover and learn about early-stage tech startups developing cutting-edge approaches to cloud infrastructure, attack coverage, identity, and more.

And the highlight event  – Pitch Night: CISOs vs. Sharks: a unique session in which CISOs will bring their ideas for internal projects, products, or startups and pitch them to panel of industry leaders who will act as judges.

The community.

The CISO Summit is Team8’s flagship event for our global CISO Village: an exclusive community of executives and decision-makers who are leading large-scale security departments, budgets and operations.

The CISO village plays a significant role in Team8’s company-building model. It contributes to the group’s ideation and validation processes, and provides critical market insights.

Members of the Village are first in line to leverage solutions that are purpose-built by Team8’s portfolio companies to accommodate their needs.

The perspectives you won’t get anywhere else.

Team8 has a unique ability to get some of the most influential and interesting voices in the same room – from CISOs at large global enterprises, through domain experts and thought leaders, to security pioneers working on bleeding edge technologies.

Learn from intimate peer-to-peer discussions where the Chatham Rules apply – allowing for free and secure flow of information. Conversations that started at our previous Summit events have helped prevent and mitigate cyber attacks, and allowed global organizations gain insight into the adversarial landscape.

Understand the attacker’s perspective. Our team’s extensive background in the intelligence community gives Team8 insight into the mindset ,motivations and TTPs of cyber attack perpetrators. At the event, we’ll provide a glimpse into how attackers think, and how they leverage technology and human error to cause damage.

There’s a lot to look forward to.

Every Summit has been a learning experience for our Villagers as well as our team. And one of the things we’ve learned is that there is really no alternative to holding these events in-person, in an atmosphere that builds trust between participants and allows them to step away from the granular details of their day-to-day and focus on the bigger picture.

“Accelerating digital transformation processes are helping enterprises generate value, but at the same time they create opportunities for bad actors. In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, and with attackers becoming more sophisticated and coordinated among themselves, information flow is essential. We are looking forward to bringing our CISO village together for a couple of days of face-to-face candid discussions and some fun.”

– Nadav Zafrir, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Team8

Are you a CISO? If you’d like to join our Village and take part in future summits, contact [email protected]

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