US Admin

  • Finout
  • New York City area
  • Full-time
About The Position

At Finout, we’ve developed a powerful SaaS tool aimed at helping companies achieve a deeper understanding of their cloud service costs and manage them more effectively. We’re proud to have global customers like the New York Times, Wiz, Choice Hotels, BigPanda, Mobileye, and plenty more. Our company is rapidly growing, all while maintaining a young and fun vibe! 

We are looking for a dynamic and detail-oriented individual to join our team as an Office Administrator. This role is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of our office operations and act as a trusted operator. 

We offer a competitive salary. salary range will be around $70,000 – $90,000, Annually. 

  • Play an important role in ensuring smooth day-to-day office operations. This involves the management of inventory, supplies, and maintenance to ensure a seamless workflow
  • Working with the finance department and assisting with Purchase Orders invoices, payments of expenses, reimbursements and more
  • Lead the development and execution of our employee experience strategy, which encompasses planning and overseeing various employee initiatives such as organizing happy hours, celebrating birthdays, arranging company trips, managing swag orders, and coordinating team activities, among others
  • Ensure that the onboarding experience of every new team member includes a warm welcome and a sense of empowerment from day one
  • Provide support to the company’s C-level executives and drive scheduling, travel planning, administrative tasks, organize team events etc
  • Build and maintain the relationships with vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relations.
  • Help support the operational aspects of conferences, customer meetings, special events and more.

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