A comprehensive look at the industry
with maps of the Data and AI ecosystems

The AI Landscape:
A Comprehensive
Industry Overview

The AI sector has undergone rapid expansion, fueled by innovations in AI technologies and applications. This sector includes a wide array of tools and technologies focused on developing and leveraging machine learning for enterprise use cases to enhance decision-making processes. Components span Model Training, Experimentation, and Optimization all the way through Model Deployment and Governance. Other key areas include ML Platforms, Vector Databases, Hardware Optimization, LLM Frameworks, Synthetic Data, Data Preparation, and AI Security.

Dive into Team8’s AI live DataMap for an in-depth view of the key players and technologies shaping the future of AI. It is an exciting time for AI, and we expect this area to rapidly evolve with new entrants and companies changing/expanding their product offerings. This map, along with our complementary Data Industry Map, provides a holistic view of the intertwined evolution of these cutting-edge technologies.

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