Yoav Koren

Business Operations Manager

Yoav is the Business Operations Manager at Team8 Fintech. Before joining Team8, Yoav was part of the investment team at Bosch Venture Capital, where he was responsible for sourcing new deals for the firm, engaging with multiple startups and entrepreneurs, and conducting due diligence processes to support the team’s deal making decisions. Prior, Yoav dealt mainly with research, as a competitive intelligence analyst at a market research firm and as an intelligence officer in the IDF’s elite intelligence Unit 8200. Today, Yoav is one of the managing members of the 8200 Young Alumni Forum. Yoav holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University in an honors program, and a B.A in Economics and Business Management also from Tel-Aviv University, with an emphasis in Big Data systems. During his studies, Yoav led projects in the university’s entrepreneurial center and he founded the business school’s Strategy Club, to provide students with business problem solving skills.