Jill Klein

Director of Business Development

Jill is a former founding US team member and Director at cybersecurity firm Darktrace ($5B acq), creating the first at-scale deployment of AI for the enterprise. While there, she closed $10M as an individual contributor, ranking #1/350 global sales reps, then scaled the team to $100M, leading the #1 performing global office (NYC).

She then built/launched Luminance AI (World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer) into the US market, scaling to $10M in revenue in 8 months as Head of US sales.

She has also done GTM/product/investment work for pre-seed through series A startups that have collectively raised $1.2B in venture funding as of S2024. This includes working as an investor at Insight Partners spin-out fund Left Lane Capital.

Jill holds a BA in philosophy from Barnard College, Columbia University and studied microeconomic development in Vietnam.