Dror Grof


Dror is VP of Ideation at Team8 where he leads company ideation and strategy for foundry companies.

Dror brings over 15 years of cybersecurity and applied data science experience, working closely with leaders across the public and private sector to solve security and data challenges. Prior to joining Team8, he was VP R&D and Advanced Research at Noogata – a no-code artificial intelligence (AI) platform for enterprises – where he was instrumental in researching and designing solutions to help Fortune 500 executives and data leaders solve their business challenges with data and AI.

Previously, Dror co-founded EmbedGen out of Matrix, a big data firmware-focused security solution. He later transitioned to lead their Global Cyber for IoT and Healthcare Center of Excellence. Prior to that he founded Mining Science, a boutique data science professional services firm helping global brands answer diverse data questions.

Dror is a graduate of Israel’s elite military intelligence corps, where he served for 10 years in various R&D and leadership positions. He is also a graduate of the Leadership Development Program at Harvard Business School.