Asaf Azulay

Partner & CMO

Asaf Azulay is the VP of Marketing of Team8. Prior to Team8he was the Chief Marketing Officer of Bank Hapoalim, one of Israel’s largest banks and creator of the payment app, BIT. 

He also served as the bank’s relationship development representative vis-à-vis the UAE and Bahrain. Asaf was part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility committee and led many diversity and social inclusion activities.

In the past, he was the CEO of BBDO IM, an integrative strategic marketing and public affairs management company, and accompanied many companies and their leadership.

Asaf is a data-driven and customer-centric marketing executive and business leader who executes large-scale projects and leads transformative initiatives that rapidly grow multi-billion-dollar brands and businesses.

He is passionate about technological innovation, fin-tech, marketing trends, and making long-lasting and beneficial relations between businesses 

Asaf is a keynote speaker and hosts panels and events that focus on innovation, strategy, and financial trends. In addition, he serves as a mentor and advisor for numerous companies and non-profit organizations.