Portshift: One of the 10 Hottest DevOps Technology Startups Of 2018

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Next-Gen DevOps

In the digital age, enterprises are confronted with the challenge of delivering software like the internet startups of yesteryear.
No matter the sector, large companies increasingly need to update customer- and employee-facing applications at a rapid cadence, deploy workloads across distributed infrastructures including the public cloud, scale their applications cost-effectively, and secure valuable data as it travels well beyond the perimeter of their corporate networks.
That imperative for agile software development has ushered in the age of DevOps—a methodology that enables software-powered business innovation by breaking down the wall once separating developers from IT operations teams.
The companies on this list are encouraging a wider embrace of DevOps by delivering the tools and platforms that seamlessly merge its two components, removing the friction that slows projects as they go from lines of code to mission-critical workloads.


CEO: Ran Ilany

Portshift looks to free DevOps teams from having to constantly worry about security as they try to work fast.
The Tel Aviv-headquartered startup from Team8, an Israeli incubator, recently came out of stealth with technology that introduces identity-based application protection throughout the continuous integration/continuous delivery process.
That identity-driven security paradigm effectively implements a zero-trust policy that can protect any application running in any cloud. Security teams can define broad policies that are automatically enforced throughout the application lifecycle, and DevOps teams can focus solely on developing and deploying their workloads.