Israeli cybersecurity expert says business leaders need more knowledge

To better understand cybersecurity threats, business leaders must become more computer literate, Israeli security expert notes

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Business leaders need to become more computer literate so they are better able to understand evolving threats posed by cybercriminals. Criminals are using the digital equivalent of an F-16 fighter jet to launch attacks against governments and corporations, finding surprising levels of success, according to an Israeli cybersecurity expert.

“The breakers in cyber are one step ahead of the makers… we’re out of equilibrium,” said Nadav Zafrir, former Israel Defense Force tech commander and founder of Team8 Cyber Security Venture Creation, during a recent meeting with corporate leaders. “You have to redefine control. You have to let go, and it’s scary. It’s too important to leave it to the cyber experts. You [the CEO] have to become cyber literate.”

Business leaders are confused in their efforts to defend against cyberattacks, often unsure how to prevent data breaches – and what to do if one occurs. However, analysts and experts recommend companies focus on preventing insider attacks, try to clamp down on outside threats, and have a recovery plan in case a breach does take place.