Cybersecurity Powerhouse Team8 Launches Sygnia

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Team8, Israel’s leading cybersecurity think tank and company creation platform, today announced the official launch of Sygnia, an elite military-grade cyber consulting and incident response company. Sygnia works with organizations to build cyber-resilience and contain and defeat attacks within their networks.

While operating in stealth mode, Sygnia has already responded to numerous heavyweight cyber attacks and has become the trusted adviser of executive managements, boards, CIOs and CISOs of top organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies. Sygnia works with companies across industries including financial, legal, media and entertainment, logistics, information technology, telecom, manufacturing and retail.

The news was disclosed on the floor of NASDAQ as part of Team8’s Rethink Cyber event in NYC. Speakers at the event included former NSA Director Keith Alexander, former FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce, the CISOs of Citi, NASDAQ, City of New York, Comcast and Colgate, the Chief Innovation Officer of IBM, and executive security leads at Intel, Accenture and Citigroup.

Sygnia has built a dream team of experts from military and industry backgrounds. The company draws from the ranks of elite intelligence and technology units – including Unit 8200, known as the “Israeli NSA”, and Cyber Command – as well as top security talent from the industry. The founder and CEO of the company is Shachar Levy, who in the last two decades has held research, cyber, and business leadership positions in government and the private sector. The co-founders are Ariel Smoler, Arick Goomanovsky and Ami Kor, bringing the company decades of cyber experience. Chairman Nadav Zafrir is co-founder and CEO of Team8 and former commander of Unit 8200.

Sygnia applies technological proficiency, a deep understanding of the attackers, cyber combat experience, and an emphasis on the business objectives of companies, to support clients with the highest standards of professional excellence and confidentiality.

“Cyber threats are constantly growing in volume, velocity and sophistication,” says Shachar Levy. “When an organization is confronted with an advanced attack, it needs the strongest capabilities on its side. In many cases, an incident response engagement is in fact a battle within a network. The operational art, experience and speed of our response teams can mean the difference between a minor blow and a devastating impact on performance and reputation.”

“Sygnia’s technological depth, unique understanding of the attackers, and almost unparalleled experience with sophisticated attacks enable the company experts to move faster than the attackers, outmaneuvering and decisively defeating attacks,” adds Nadav Zafrir.

Steve Surdu, who joined Sygnia as a senior advisor after seven years as Vice President of Professional Services for Mandiant, explains: “I have rarely encountered a group with the level of technical proficiency and commitment that I see at Sygnia. They combine excellent technical skills with structured methodologies, a strategic perspective, and the same intensity and focus that exist in the elite units where they gained their experience. This is a game changer for the cyber security industry. Sygnia makes a real impact on its clients’ cyber security posture and capabilities.”

While at Mandiant, Surdu oversaw all aspects of the company’s consulting organization. During this time, his group conducted nearly 350 investigations while working for more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100.

Sygnia leverages proprietary technologies to establish supremacy in investigating and fighting attacks. It also applies methodologies based on robust simulation of realistic attack scenarios to assist organizations in proactively assessing their security and building cyber resilience, while aligning security to both threats and business needs.

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