A Glimpse of Fintech, AI, and Tech In Israel With Venture Group Team8

Known as the startup nation, Israel has a thriving tech scene and within that an active fintech space. Its commercial and largest city, Tel Aviv, is home to some of the world’s leading innovations in fintech and tech as a whole. 

Team8 Fintech is a fintech practice focused on founding and scaling transformative fintech companies from scratch, led by a team that brings a wealth of expertise across retail banking, credit, payments, ecommerce and trading.

The FinTech Times exclusively speaks with Team8 about fintech, artificial intelligence (AI) and wider tech in Israel. Watch the full interview below:

Team8 Fintech leverages Team8 Group’s successful and disciplined company-building model, deep domain expertise across cyber, data, AI and fintech, to ideate novel solutions to address the problems and opportunities of its target audience. The practice creates both B2B and B2B2C companies that empower industry players – incumbents, established fintechs and non-financial companies with significant customer bases and touchpoints – with new technologies and new business offerings to ensure they stay relevant and gain a competitive advantage.

Galia Beer-Gabel is the Head of Business Development at Team8 Fintech. She was the former Head of Business Development for PayPal across Eastern Europe, Israel and Africa.

Yuval Tal is the Managing Partner at Team8 Fintech. He is a serial fintech unicorn founder whose companies include Payoneer and BorderFree.