We are excited to open nominations for the second annual CISO Village Awards, honoring and celebrating exceptional CISOs and security startups.


The awards are created and upheld by Team8’s CISO Village of 100s of global professionals and shine a light on the contribution and personal excellence of exceptional CISOs


Award Categories

Individuals who shared knowledge and best practices for the betterment of the wider CISO community over the past two years.
Individuals devoted to increasing the representation and engagement of underrepresented minorities in the field of cybersecurity in the past two years.
Individuals who shared a thought- provoking piece, speaking engagement, or campaign regarding broad-range cyber policies that made an impact on the community in the past year.
Startups working in collaboration with a CISO, exemplifying significant time or money savings, and/or impact.
CISOs who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, and innovation in cyber over the span of their career.
2023 Winners

Our Esteemed Judges

Kirsten Davies
CISO, Unilever
Justin Berman
Ciso, Thirty Madison
Ann Johnson
Corporate Vice President of Security
Warren Small
Group VP, Ventures & Innovation, NTT
Taher Elgamal
Former CTO, Security at Salesforce.com
David Cross
SVP and CISO, Oracle
Oliver Newbury
CISO, Barclays
Tyson Kopczynski
Former CISO, Aledade

Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Depending on the category, any person holding the title of Chief Information Security Officer, or startup that collaborated with a CISO, can be considered at the CISO Village Awards.

Who can nominate a CISO for this award?

Anyone can. CISOs can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Everyone from every area and outlook of the industry can be nominated as long as they meet the award criteria.

Before nominating someone, we recommend approving and confirming the details with them. A CISO nominated by someone else will need to approve their details in order to make the shortlist.

What are the award criteria?

Each award has its own criteria and requirements – that being said, we encourage everyone to apply whether they meet the full criteria or not. Read more about the categories.

Is there a cost for nominating or participating?

Not at all – both nomination and participation in the CISO Village Awards are free of charge.

Why is it called the CISO Village Awards by Team8?

The awards are recognized and upheld by Team8’s CISO Village, a professional community of CISOs from the world’s leading enterprises like Walmart, Moodys, Microsoft and many more. These villagers play a significant role in Team8’s unique company-building model and ecosystem.

How are submissions evaluated?

That depends on the category and stage of each submission:

  • Initial round – Our committee, comprised of Team8’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board members, will evaluate the submissions
  • Second round – This voting process will be open to both Team8’s Village and the general public
Can one CISO be nominated for multiple awards?

Definitely – they can be nominated for as many awards as apply to them.

When and where are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced in the third week of June, during Team8’s annual CISO Summit.

We will release more details closer to this date.

Is there a prize?

Yes, winners in each category will receive a $3,000 donation on their behalf, to a vetted nonprofit of their choice.

To view the previous year’s winners and donations, click here.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for certain awards?

Yes, please reach out to our organizers for more details at [email protected].

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