Derek Vadala

Former CISO, Moody's

Derek Vadala is the CEO of a joint venture between Moody’s Corporation, a global credit rating agency, and Team8. Derek leads a team that is focused on creating a standard benchmark for communicating cyber risk to Boards of Directors and senior business executives in order to improve the global dialog about this important issue.

Prior to leading this venture, Mr. Vadala was the Global Head of Cyber Risk for Moody’s Investors Service, responsible for developing capabilities for evaluating cyber risk and incorporating those capabilities into credit analysis. Prior to this role, Mr. Vadala served as the Chief Information Security Officer for Moody’s Corporation from 2013-2018, where he was responsible for global information risk and security across Moody’s businesses worldwide. He has over 20 years of experience in information security and technology management and has spoken and published on topics including security risk management for large enterprises and systems administration.