Dan Blumenfeld

President, CMO and Co-Founder, Spiral

Entrepreneur and product and growth executive with over 20 years experience. Combining unique skills set in product, growth, marketing, and design; Dan is passionate about building/driving products and making them successful.

Prior to co-founding Spiral. Dan headed product and growth for Skype (Microsoft). At Skype Dan led Skype’s core product experience, overall app UX, mobile, desktop, and telemetry. Thanks to these efforts Microsoft successfully reached and engaged 500+ million consumers across the globe. Dan led Skype overhaul with new UX and features for mobile and desktop, reaching a record rating of 4.4 on the iTunes app store. Dan established and led a modern growth and engagement culture, transforming skype into an agile, data-driven organization with a growth mindset. Dan was a leading member of Skype’s executive leadership team accountable for running the business.

Prior to his role at Skype Dan founded and was the co-founder and CEO KiFi, a social search engine startup. Dan conceived the idea and raised the seed and round A of $11.2 million total. Led the product, design, and growth to launch Kifi on iOS, Android and Chrome with 4+ app rating. Recruited the core team of engineers and product leads from google, apple, and LinkedIn to Launch Kifi. Kifi was acquired by Google

Prior to Kifi, Dan was the CMO at Check, a FinTech startup.. At Check, Dan led the product, Design, and growth efforts to establish Check as the leading bill payment and money management app on iOS, Android and web. He grew the user base to +8 million (800%) which led to Check’s payment business to reach nearly $1 billion in annual payment volume. He led the company’s business analytics efforts, analyzed consumer behavior at various stages of the customer’s lifecycle and launched acquisition, engagement and retention targeted campaigns to improve conversions and drive revenues. Worked together with the CEO in a successful fundraising round B, totaling in $15M.

Prior to joining Check, Dan was the CMO for Perion (NASDAQ:PERI, formerly IncrediMail). At IncrediMail Dan co led the product, led design, growth and revenues for the company’s innovative product portfolio. He grew the active user base to 100+ million users in 20 countries. He grew the revenues from under $5million yearly to over $40M+ yearly. Co-led the company to a successful IPO (NASDAQ). The company maintained a 25% to 35% revenue growth yearly post IPO.

In the years prior to Perion, Dan held different product and design positions for a variety of companies (DVDemand, Hotbar, Waves).