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Saturday Jun, 15
Registration and Welcome reception
6:00 am-9:00 pm
Hilton San Jose
Registration Desk Is Open
Hilton San Jose, 300 S Almaden Ave, San Jose
2:00 pm-5:30 pm
Hilton San Jose
Happy Hour – Secco Patio
5:30 pm
Buses Leave For The Reception
6:00 pm
Festive Welcome Reception
Sunday Jun, 16
World Around Us & Cyber Black Swan Events
7:00 am
Hilton San Jose
Breakfast At The Hotel
8:00 am
Bus Ride To 1440 Multiversity
9:00 am
1440 Multiversity
Arrival Reception & Check In
10:30 am
Get To Know Your Village
12:00 pm
Kitchen Table
Lunch Break
1:30 pm
Summit Opening
Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Team8
1:50 pm-3:55 pm
World Around Us
ADM Mike Rogers Former Director, NSA & Operating Partner, Team8
Is Globalization Officially Over?
Kevin Mandia, Strategic Advisor, Google Cloud
Lessons From The National Cyber Battlefield
George (Yegor) Dubynskyi, Deputy Minister, Ministry Of Digital Transformation, Ukraine
2:40 pm
Influence Operations & Deepfake: Are Democarcies Doomscrolling?
Michael Matias, Co-Founder & CEO, Clarity | Chris Licht, Former CEO, CNN | Campbell Brown, Senior Advisor, Tollbit | Barak Turovsky, VP AI, Cisco
Megathreats To Global Economic Stability
Prof. Nouriel Roubini, Professor Emeritus, NYU Stern School of Business | Ella-Tamar Adhanan, Director, Silicon Valley Bank, Division of First Citizens Bank
3:55 pm
4:15 pm
“Expect the Unexpected”: An Interactive War Game
Oren Wortman, VP Client Leadership, NA, Sygnia | Yossi Torati, Director of Enterprise Security, Sygnia
6:00 pm
Redwood Amphiteater
Group Photo
6:10 pm
Kitchen Table
7:40 pm
Pause to Freshen Up
8:30 pm
Embrace Chaos: Cyber Leadership in The Age of Black Swan Events
Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University | Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Team8 | ADM Mike Rogers, Former Director, NSA & Operating Partner, Team8
9:15 pm
Antifragility Lessons from Formula 1 & Fortune 500 Leaders
Annastiina Hintsa, CEO at Hintsa Performance | Dan Sims, Senior Performance Coach for F1 Drivers
10:00 pm
Around Village
Fireside confessions
Monday Jun, 17
Innovation Day
6:30 am
Morning Sport
Sound Meditation – Cathedral Guided Hike – Upper trails Lodge Steps Stick Tai Chi – Redwood Amphitheater
7:00 am
8:15 am
Opening Session Day 2
8:25 am-12:00 pm
AI Deep Dive
The Dual Edge of AI: Maximizing Benefits and Mitigating Risks
Shafi Goldwasser, Director, Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, University of California, Berkeley | Yossi Matias, VP, Head of Research, Google | Yuval Shachar, Chairman & Managing Partner, Team8
Attackers in the Land of Opportunities: Why You Should Still Be Optimistic
Bobi Gilburd, Chief Innovation Officer, Team8
Securing Model Weights of Advanced AI Systems
Sella Nevo, Director, Meselson Center, RAND Corporation
Between Snake Oil and the Ultimate Revolution: AI from the Foundation Model Perspective
Jason Clinton, CISO, Anthropic
Securing AI Transformation
Yaron Singer, CEO and Co-founder, Robust Intelligence
Finding Extraterrestrial Life in the Next Decade
Avi Loeb, Director of Harvard's Institute for Theory & Computation, Harvard University
Security Innovation Themes: Opening
How to Transform the Defender’s Dilemma into the Attacker’s Dilemma
Lenny Zeltser, CISO, Axonius
Communicating Applications' Cyber Risks
Neatsun Ziv, Co-Founder & CEO, Ox Security | Susanne Senoff, CISO, Pros | Alvaro Garrido, Group CISO, Standard Chartered Bank | Devin Rudnicki, CISO, Fitchratings
12:00 pm
Kitchen Table
2:00 pm-4:10 pm
Security Innovation Themes
Taming Enterprise Identity Controls; Houston, we have a problem
Roy Katmor, Co-Founder & CEO, Stealth | Oliver Newbury Global CISO, Barclays | Tal Herman, VP Product, Identity, Governance and Privileged Access, Okta | Nathan Lasser, CISO Children's National Hospital
Supply Chain | Overcoming the Cyber Risk Challenge
Jim Rosenthal, Co-Founder & CEO, BlueVoyant
Supply Chain | Navigating Regulations in Tech and Government
Tom McAndrew, CEO Coalfire | Samir Sherif, CISO, F5
From Ground to Cloud: A Practical Strategy for CISOs to Cloud Transformation
Yinon Costica, Co-Founder & VP of Product, Wiz | Arie Zilberstein, Co-Founder & CEO, Gem (acquired by Wiz)
The Invisible Landscape: Tackling the Challenges of Non-Human Identities & Secrets
Galina Antova, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Claroty | Rich Barretto, CISO, Progress | Nir Polak, Founding Investor, Clutch Security | Oded Hareven, CEO & Co-Founder, Akeyless
The Quest for the Holy Grail: AI's Role in Achieving Secure Design
Reet Kaur, CISO, ex-Merck, ex-Nike and Former CISO at PCC | James Dolph, CISO, Guidewire | Pete Nicoletti, CISO, Check Point | Alon Kollmann, Co-Founder & CEO, Clover
4:10 pm
Intelligence in the Age of Strategic Surprises
Nand Mulchandani, CTO, CIA | Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Team8
4:40 pm
4:50 pm-7:00 pm
Redwood Amphiteater
7:00 pm
Kitchen Table
Tapas Dinner
8:30 pm
Around Village
Well-Being and Mindfulness Activities
Ecstatic Dance Movement – Outlook 102 Healing Hands and Meditation – Outlook 101 Body Activation Dynamic Movement Class – Crest Deck
9:00 pm
Mix & Mingle: Tunes, Drinks, and Connections
Tuesday Jun, 18
Leadership & our Village Day
6:30 am
Morning Sport
Sound Meditation – Cathedral | Tapping – Crest Deck | Guided Hike – Lodge Steps
7:00 am
Kitchen Table
8:15 am
Opening Session Day 3
8:30 am-9:00 am
Leadership Sessions
Nir Zuk, Founder & CTO, Palo Alto Networks Adnan Amjad, US Cyber & Strategic Risk Leader, Deloitte
9:10 am-11:40 am
Disrupting Wonderland | Innovators Present Their Cutting-Edge Solutions Hosted by: Liran Grinberg, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Team8
12:00 pm
Kitchen Table
1:30 pm-2:35 pm
Security Leadership: Strategy and Vision
Team Effort: Facing the Upcoming Decade in Cyber
Tomer Weingarten, Co-Founder & CEO, SentinelOne
CISOs on the Global Stage: Coping with the Madness of 2024
Alex Stamos, Chief Trust Officer, SentinelOne
Managing Up, Managing Down Radical Changes
Jeetu Patel, EVP & General Manager, Security & Collaboration, Cisco | Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Team8
2:35 pm
3:00 pm
Workshop: 5 Practices for Antifragility in Cybersecurity
Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University | Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Team8
5:00 pm
Formulating an Effective Public-Private Collaboration
Rob Silvers, Under Secretary for Policy, US Department of Homeland Security
7:30 pm
Kitchen Table
7:40 pm-9:00 pm
The Second Annual CISO Village Awards by Team8 in collaboration with Deloitte
Hosted by: Charles Blauner, Operating Partner & CISO in Residence, Team8 CISO TED Talks
11:00 pm-11:00 pm
Common Grounds
Drink & Mingle
9:30 pm
Around Village
Tour of the Night Sky
Kevin Hainline, Associate Research Professor, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
Wednesday Jun, 19
Towards Antifragility
6:30 am
Morning Sport
Breathwork Yoga – Sanctuary | Guided Hike – Lodge Steps | Stick Fitness – Redwood Amphitheater
7:00 am
Kitchen Table
8:00 am
Redwood Amphiteater
Choose your Personal Development Workshop:
From Crisis to Calm: Insights by FBI Hostage Negotiator and Undercover Agent, Mellisa Fortunato OR Creative Storytelling Workshop with Emmy Nominated Poet, In-Q
9:45 am
10:00 am
Opening Day 4: Communal Antifragility
10:05 am
CISO Village Survey Results
Beating the Odds: CISOs on Overcoming Seemingly Impossible Challenges
Tanner Randolph, CIO & CISO, Applied Systems | Travis Farral, CISO, Archaea Energy | Kirsten Davies, CISO, Unilever | Emanuel Salmona, Co-Founder & CEO, Nagomi
AI as an enabler for Defenders
Lane Bess, CEO, Deep Instinct | Dorothy Li, CVP, Copilot & Marketplace, Microsoft | Oliver Newbury, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Barclays
Rethinking Cybersecurity One Connected System at a Time
Derek Philips, Chief Revenue Officer, Claroty
11:35 am
Closing Session
12:00 pm
Kitchen Table
1:35 pm
Walk to Cathedral
2:00 pm
Special Closing Session: CISO-CEO Partnership – Lessons from the SolarWinds Experience
Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and CEO, SolarWinds | Tim Brown, CISO, SolarWinds
2:45 pm
Certificate Presentation and Farewell Souvenirs
4:00 pm
Shuttle Transfers : Hilton San Jose,/ San Jose Airport / San Francisco Airport