Team8 Stealth Mode Startup-Product Lead

  • Team8
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Full-time
About The Position

A Team8-Stealth Cyber start-up whose mission is to break down the walls between security, risk, and engineering teams and to create a world where cybersecurity threats are predicted and stopped before they happen.

We are looking for a seasoned Product lead to join us and help to build and create a revolutionary solution focusing on one of the biggest pain the security industry is facing.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Ownership of internal product processes:
  • Define and communicate the product roadmap inbound
  • Validate outbound with customers, prospects, and partners
  • Work and collaborate directly with engineering, plan and track cycles (sprints), etc.
  • Work and collaborate with UX and design efforts
  • Collaborate on product strategy
  • Positioning, messaging, validation of product value prop and ICP, and competitive analysis
  • G2M collaboration, alignment with sales, marketing, etc.


  • Past experience as a product owner/ product line director
  • Cyber security experience
  • Previous product engineering or pre/post sales engineering experience


  • B2B SaaS experience
  • Strong analytical acumen
  • Strong communications skills
  • Previous startup experience

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