Team8-Stealth Mode Company-DevOps Engineer

  • Team8
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Full-time
About The Position

A Stealth Mode Startup is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our team. We are a well-funded startup that is just beginning our journey and growing rapidly. We are looking for someone who can bring expertise, skill, innovation, and a passion for technology. We work in a hybrid model and are located in Tel-Aviv.


● Support the SDLC with pipelines, systems, environments, tools, and scripts.

● Deploy and manage Production, Staging, Development, and Testing environments.

● Research and Innovate with tooling and solutions across various DevOps disciplines.

● Prepare release and delivery solutions for customers and design partners.

● Provide Technical Support to other Developers in DevOps matters and integrations.


● Expertise with Cloud providers (AWS – preferred)

● Expertise with Infrastructure as code solutions (Terraform, Cloudformation, etc)

● Expertise with Containers, and Container Orchestration (Kubernetes, or equivalent)

● Experience with scripting languages (Python, Java, Node, etc)

● Experience with microservices and distributed systems

● Experience with modern CI/CD systems and tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Gitlab Pipelines, Github Actions, CodeFresh, etc)

Nice to Have

● Experience with providing support and integrations along the SDLC

● Experience with Application Security and Security Ecosystem Basics

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