Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Sygnia
  • Israel
  • Full-time
About The Position

Sygnia is a top-tier cyber technology and services company, providing high-end consulting and incident response support for organizations worldwide. Sygnia works with companies to proactively build their cyber resilience and to respond to and defeat attacks within their networks. It is the trusted advisor and cyber security service provider of IT and security teams, senior managements, and boards of top organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies.

The company draws on top talent from the ranks of elite military technology units and from across the cyber industry, and has some of the world’s top talents in cyber security. Described by Forbes as a “cyber security delta force”, Sygnia applies technological supremacy, digital combat experience, data analytics and a business-driven mindset to cyber security, enabling organizations to excel in the age of cyber.

Sygnia is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer who is curious and enthusiastic about combining the disciplines of design and programming. We invite you to join our rapidly growing core team, to help build a suite of game-changing products in the field of cyber posture and resilience assessment.

Main responsibilities:

  • Establish and enforce the UI design principles of a novel product, developed from inception
  • Design and implement key software components and UI capabilities of our core product
  • Build and maintain infrastructure to support frontend testing and continuous integration (CI)
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop innovative solutions
  • Mentor other developers and assist in adhering to frontend development best practices
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest frontend technologies and advancements

  • At least five years of experience as a web application developer
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience with ReactJS framework – mandatory
  • Proficiency in TypeScript, HTML and CSS – mandatory
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors (e.g. Sass, LESS), popular CSS frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Tailwind, Foundation) and hands-on experience with CSS Modules
  • Deep understanding of web performance optimization and responsive design
  • Deep understanding of modern testing systems (e.g. Jest, Enzyme, Cypress)
  • Expertise in webpack configurations and optimization
  • A team player who enjoys working in a dynamic, business-oriented environment
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills, including strong ability to elaborate on technical ideas


  • Familiarity with modern frontend development paradigms (e.g. headless UI, CSS-in-JS)
  • Familiarity with web server development concepts (and specifically in Python)
  • Experience with additional modern JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, Vue.js) and libraries
  • Experience with developing cloud-native (and specifically AWS) applications
  • Experience in the cyber security domain, or being part of a core R&D team

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