Duality-Senior Algorithm Researcher

  • Duality
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
About The Position

Duality Technologies is hiring a full-time Senior Algorithm Researcher. The candidate will report to our Head of Data Science. Typical responsibilities include designing efficient data science/ML/AI/statistical algorithms that leverage mainly our homomorphic encryption or any other privacy preserving technology.

The successful candidate will develop prototypes of his/her designs, and will work with our engineering team to integrate solutions into a production privacy preserving analytics product. The candidate is expected to work closely with our crypto and software engineer teams.

We are interested in candidates at all levels from fresh graduates to experienced researchers, scientists or engineers. 

The candidate is expected to work from our offices in Tel Aviv. Occasional travel to other offices in Cambridge MA or metro New York is expected.

The position is not necessarily customer facing, but we would welcome candidates with experience and interest in working directly with our customers.

Desired Skills

  • Familiarity with privacy preserving technologies such as Homomorphic Encryption, secure multiparty computation or differential privacy
  • Experience in function approximation theory
  • Experience in Python programming or any other Object Oriented language
  • PhD in computer Science, Mathematics or related field
  • Experience integrating or developing high-assurance production environments
  • MSc in computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related field
  • Experience in prototyping data science technologies 
  • Knowledge in algorithm analysis and design
  • Ability and willingness to work on a team
  • Good communication skills. Fluent in English

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